How To Market CBD in 2019

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How to Market CBD in 2018

Marketing Cannabis legally and effectively can be very daunting, however, there are ways to circumvent that and stay within the law; enabling you to market your Cannabis company hassle free. Rest assured that these tactics have been applied successfully to existing marketing campaigns for some of the most reputable and recognized names in CBD and Cannabis out there today.

At the moment it is illegal to pay for advertising in all of the most effective online platforms including: FacebookGoogle, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This applies across the board to any pay per click website. This inevitably leaves many cannabis company entrepreneurs wondering, ” how can we advertise CBD effectively?” .

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks:​

1. Branding

Great branding is the first step in separating yourself from all the me-too products.

Consider word of mouth as the strongest or most convincing form of marketing. If you have a good product people will often talk about it and recommend it their friends. This has an incredibly high conversion rate. However word of mouth alone isn’t enough to grow sustainably; for the people being exposed to your product before a friend recommends it to them, what will they rely on to make a buying decision?

For all those people, your product’s first impression is critical. Good branding will always make sure your product stands out from your competition, great CBD packaging will often answer common consumer questions.

What is it about your product that you would like your customers to pay attention to? That question can be answered with great CBD product branding.

Summary: Make sure you have a good product that can speak for it self, great product branding will help potential customers make the decision to buy your product instead of your competition.

2. Print Marketing

Before the internet became the most effective source of marketing, print marketing was the most effective; however now that Digital Marketing is running the show, people underestimate the power of Print Marketing.

Attending events and handing out flyers or brochures with samples of your product has an unbelievable ROI (Return on Investment). Here are a couple of tips and tricks you can do with your print marketing to attract more customers:

First and foremost you must give your customers an incentive to buy, add a discount code to the prints not only will this give your customers an incentive, it will also allow you to track your sales so that you can pivot from strategies that are not working and double down on the most effective.

The second tip is you must have great design, we recommend hiring a professional design agency to do the design for you, we have tested it time and time again and the conclusion is always that great design has a better conversion rate.

Summary: Attend events and hand out flyers with samples of your product. Make sure to add a discount code to the prints so that you give your potential customers an incentive to buy. Do not settle for do it yourself design as that will only back fire, hire an agency or a designer, it is worth every penny.

3. Website & Blogs

YOU NEED A WEBSITE. Make yourself easy to find, if you don’t have a website to sell your CBD products on, please stop reading and come back once you have a website. None of these tips will work unless you have an online presence. If you are on a low budget you can use do it yourself tools like Shopify or Squarespace.

If you have a decent budget it’s worth every penny to delegate your website development to someone who know’s what they are doing. There is so much more to a website then how it looks, the layout matters, the call to action placements matter, the loading speed, we can go on an on about the minutiae of details. Invest in a website, when it comes to CBD you will make the majority of your sales online.

Blogs are the most important marketing tool you can have when it comes to your online presence. The blogs are the backbone of your website, they are necessary to inform your customers about your company and your CBD products, they can also be used to rank your website up on Google and other popular search engines.

One of the keys to making sure your website stays up on the search results is to make sure you are posting at least 2 blogs per month, the more you post and interlink the blogs the better your SEO will be. Remember you just write about any topic, provide value to your potential customers and write about something you specialize in like your own products.  Without a doubt, this is the most effective methods there is to increase your search results besides paying for Adwords, which in the case of CBD or Cannabis you will not be able to do.

Summary: Make yourself easy to find, a website is one of the easiest ways to do that. If you have the money invest in a digital firm or someone who who specializes in that area, the website will make your investment back in no time. Post blogs of value often, the more your post the higher your website will rank in the search results.

4. Facebook Groups

Make sure to make a Facebook page for your CBD company. Facebook is one of the only platforms that Cannabis companies can still benefit from. 

Although you will not be able to advertise your CBD or Cannabis company with paid advertising, you can use it as a tool to spread your message to Facebook groups that are solely focused on learning more about Cannabis and CBD. 

There are dozens of groups out there with different focus points, grow your following and post regularly. 

Sharing your blogs on this platform we have found is one of the better methods that work.

Here are some Facebook Groups you can join: 

Summary: Make a Facebook account for your company and post your relevant content in to Facebook groups. You can share your websites blog's in to the groups, this method works really well.

5. Instagram

Thanks to third-party software, Instagram is one of the easiest platforms to market your company on.

Here are a few rules to keep in mind, Instagram will ban your account if you do one of the following: Place prices in the post, link your website in the description, or if you promote specials. If you can’t post links how will you convert visits into sales?

Easy answer, you should only place a link to your website in your Instagram account description.

Your number one priority should be to post quality and valuable posts with information. Once you have that down use Robolike to boost your posts and Instagram account, the great thing about this tool is that it only costs $7.77 per month and it is worth every penny!

WARNING: DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS! Instagram will ban your account if your number of followers grow too fast if you’ve just created an account or have few followers. Slow and steady is key! 

Summary: Post valuable post on Instagram and grow your following with Robolike.