10 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

10 Facebook Marketing Tools To Boost Your Page’s Performance

We understand that when it comes to business we never seem to have enough time, therefore, we created this list of some of the best 10 Facebook Marketing Tools. These tools will free up your time and get you back to business while still boosting your page’s engagement and performance.

Facebook Tool #1 – Bufferbuffer-top-facebook-marketing-tools


First of all, we feature Buffer, a highly successful and popular social media management platform. Most noteworthy, It assists you in scheduling and posting in multiple social media pages.

Buffer has an incredibly user-friendly interface. It’s well-liked by small and big businesses, featuring a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with Chrome and WordPress websites.

It also provides analytics plus insights on your post’s reach and likes.

Facebook Tool #2 – Heyo top-ten-facebook-tools-heyo


Heyo is another fantastic choice in these Facebook marketing tools. Above all, it can support you in increasing the number of leads you create.

It allows you to create sweepstakes, contests, and hashtag campaigns for your page. Even more, it allows you to utilize pre-made templates to make everything that much easier.

Create a better follower engagement and collect user-generated content with your own custom campaigns.

Facebook Tool #3 – Likealyzer



Furthermore, we are focusing on Likealyzer. A remarkably easy to use Facebook marketing tool that helps you optimize the performance of your page.

Likealyzer grades your page on a score from 0 to 100. The higher the rating, the better your page’s performance.

Other Facebook pages are equally graded and then can be compared to one another. You can take their tactics and learn a lot from top performing pages. Likealyzer It converts raw Facebook analytics into an actionable report.

Facebook Tool #4 – FanPage Karma



Another Facebook analytics tools, yet extremely useful. FanPage Karma creates an overview and grade for your page. You can even get super specific if you only need analysis on a single page. Fanpage Karma allows you to unlock a full report immediately; the full report provides details on page content, timing, fan engagement, specific tagging, page benchmarking, and much more.

Facebook Tool #5 – Wolfram Alpha Analytics



Smaller business brands will find this as a quick, easy, and entertaining tool. The Wolfram Alpha engine examines individual Facebook profiles and returns a wealth of information on you and your current page connections.

The Types of Facebook activity that gets analyzed:

  • Links & Images
  • status updates
  • weekly post
  • post stats
  • most-liked posts
  • Gender-split data
  • Relationship status charts
  • Ages
  • Friend locations and friend local times
  • Network map
  • Facebook relationship report


Facebook Tool #6 – NutshellMailtop-marketing-facebook-tools-nutshellmail

Don’t have the time to be checking your social pages?
NutshellMail will email you the social media activity from your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and many more!

NutshellMail is an excellent option for those who are just starting in managing their social pages or do not currently experience large amounts of social media activity every day. While there might not always be time to visit all these social sites, chances are everyone regularly checks their email inbox, so this offers a good alternative for monitoring your social activity.

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Facebook Tool #7 – Headline Analyzer 


All marketers acknowledge that a post’s headline will decide its performance. For that reason, we all take painstaking efforts to create an eye-catching and compelling headline for our blog posts and our ad’s copy. It can be very tough to predict which headlines will perform best for your audience, however, Co schedules Headline Analyzer can help take some of that load off your shoulders. Use it and analyze your headlines, it’s a great Facebook marketing tool.

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Facebook Tool #8 – Timeline Contest Managerbest-facebook-marketing-tools-timeline-contest

Above all, Facebook contests are an excellent way to promote engagement on your Facebook page, however organizing and maintaining them yourself can be a complete hassle.  Therefore, Agorapulse’s Timeline Contest Manager is Facebook marketing tool must! This Facebook marketing tool automates the process for you. Most noteworthy, it allows advertisers to create an unlimited number of contests on their pages, ranging from quizzes to photo competitions to sweepstakes.

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Facebook Tool #9 – DrumpUp


Out of all the Facebook marketing tools, DrumpUp is extremely essential for any page. It’s critical for a page to post a steady stream of exciting and relevant content. However, it can take a tremendous effort to get out and seek share-worthy content.

The ultimate relevant content search tool, for the reason that all you must do is provide a list of related keywords. The service searches the web for stories related to these keywords and gives them to you in a content feed. See a story that you like? Just give it a click and DrumUp will add it to your share queue.

Facebook Tool #10 – Bit.ly


Finally, in our list of Facebook marketing tools, we are featuring Bit.ly, the popular link shortener.

It’s recognized worldwide by countless users.

Just paste your link in, shorten it, and paste it where you need it. It’s handy to keep a post aesthetically pleasing.


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